Tuesday, June 07, 2011

[Pix & Tweets] Kyu Jong, Young Saeng @ Hyun Joong"s "Break Down" Album Showcase 110607

Thanks Marvie for shoving these photos here. I am pretty sure more photos will be shared later

♥ ♥ ♥ HYUNSAENG HUG ♥ ♥ ♥

Credit : ss601.com/ @hsscandal86

Happy to hear that Kyu Jong and Young Saeng went to Hyun Joong Showcase. Members really do support one another. I am so happy with that thought and had this wide smile ^________^

For those who weren't on Twitter, wonderrrgirl was giving live updates, let me shove here some of the tweets she shared. Heaps of thanks wonderrrgirl!
  • Hyun Joong's mom was present
  • Friends from Jaksal came to suport him
  • He sang Break Down, Please be Nice to Me, One More Time and Kiss Kiss Kiss
  • Park Kyung Lim hosted the event
  • Young Saeng and Kyu Jong came out with a cake
  • Young Saeng gave Hyun Joong advice as a solo sunbae
  • Kyu Jong said that HJL is indeed very handsome, very manly and a good performer
  • Kyu Jong and Young Saeng supposed to draw something about the kind of girl HJL likes and YS wrote must drink well and KJ said he doesn't know. (wonderrrgirl didn't quite understand this... thanks to anonymous)
  • Young Saeng keeps looking at Kyu Jong's answer ^^
  • YS said something like no matter what, always come together to support all of them ...
  • HJL said his best quality is 인복 (有人緣) has many gd friends, dongsaengs and staff ^^ even though he's not perfect
  • HJL say YS is so so so so cute, the face and bangs/fringe is so cute ^^
  • HYS sang a bit of Let It Go!
  • KJ sang as well
  • HJL said "KJ is such a nice person... Can sing very well..... Yes. "
  • HJL say Kyu is a very very kind person
  • HJL say YS cute, they request a zoom up of his face. After YS showed dimples, KHJ asked, "귀엽지?"
  • HJL say he has words to say to fans, and he wrote it down in a letter...
  • HJL brought out a letter and read it.. And cried ㅠㅠ
  • For encore, HJL did 'Break Down' again and he did break dance ^^
Here are tweets from reena29shadow
  • HJL said that YS never answer his calls. YS said he sent message to HJL but HJL's phone broke down. (HJL didn't get the message)
  • HJL said the time when he is living with YS. It is always YS who catches the insect. YS said he is actually afraid of insect himself
  • KJ was asked what HJL's weak point and KJ replied, he is scared of insect. HJL said KJ is very daring. He dares to catch insects.


Anonymous said...

awww... that's my most fav arkward couple!!!! this pic is sooo nice! they're both smiling so happily!

kute_hs said...

HS ♥ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i really really mizz HS moment, kkk

Anonymous said...

so warm!

Anonymous said...

hi liezle! on the part where they ask to draw something about the type of girl HJL likes... KJ didn't put that he didn't know... he put something about the face but wondergirl was not able to understand it.

Anonymous said...

it really surprise that HYS and KYJ go to KJL fan meeting... and im so happy to hear and see those picture... its so amazing to know that their relationship not only being as a SS501 group but the friendship they build was very strong enough... hope to see more pictures of the three because i'm really really excited to see it....

Anonymous said...

God so damn happy to see them like this again! I was hoping while reading your tweets that suddenly JM and baby will be there too, but it's okay :)

Anonymous said...

much thanks for the speedy uploading... much much much thanks

Anonymous said...

HyunSaeng moment lol

One important quality Hyunjoong's girl able to do is catch insects!...XD so cuteeee

Anonymous said...

"HJL said his best quality is 인복 (有人緣) has many gd friends, dongsaengs and staff ^^ even though he's not perfect"

Love his answer! Such a wonderful and humble man!

Aww... cute! HYunSaeng!

Anonymous said...

aww..sweet hyunsaeng love.
wish baby and min were there too!
i hope leader wins an award..i don't want to watch the vid where he reads the letter as it will make me feel upset :(
hyunjoong fighting!!

Anonymous said...

hwangbo is able to kill mosquitoes!! remember that time in the ep of wgm when they were in jeju island...! hhahaa the last part about insects really got me ROFL :D

sinthia said...

ounnnn, I loved it sooo much!!!<333333
I miss them together too much. It'd have been great if HJB and JM could have gone too... **