Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng in MV Making

Much thanks to veggiedelight for shoving in my inbox photos of Young Saeng from the MV making which she lifted HERE.

There was a buzz a few weeks ago that Young Saeng was shooting a music video and it seems that this is what the buzz were buzzing about. From what I gather this is the MV shooting for 'Rainy Heart'. Hope that it is true. ^^ Hope too that we see cann see Kyu Jong in this MV.


Anonymous said...

anybody know who's the girl 0:(

Anonymous said...

was excited to read the article then when i saw the picture..... ouch...bad-boy prince with his arm around this girl...TT_____TT

i know its an mv but still seeing this TT_TT ...oh my aching heart