Monday, June 06, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng @ 06.05.11 Fan Signing Event by BestYS

Much thanks to veggiedelight for sending the following photos in my email.

I almost forgot about the fan signing event of Young Saeng that took place in Synnara Records at GangNam Central City Store. Another set of lucky 150 fans were able to see, chat a bit and get to have Young Saeng's autograph.

Here are the photos taken by the shutterbug of BestYS. Much much thanks for the wonderful capture.

Geez, the more I see Young Saeng the more he's becoming handsome. I dread the day again when he goes in another hiatus. I hope that day will not come anytime soon. I still haven't gotten enough of Young Saeng's shy-like smile and charm.


YSDance said...

Thanks Liezle for your blog.

I can't agree with you more and want to continue to see him often (we've waited almost a year for his album and activities). He's so perfect with extremely talented singing, excellent stage performance, amazing dance, and handsome face (my dream is to touch his cute dimples). Very charming and spontaneous in every way. Love his great personality: gentle, intelligent, witty, passion for music.... Proud to be his fans!

kelly said...

I wish he will keep this hairstyle and colour of the hair. He looks wonderful with it. Words cannot describe it.

Love him more each day... soothing voice to listen to when I feel sad.