Sunday, June 12, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng @ Daegu Fan Signing Event 06.11.11 by HSScandal

More lucky fans who bought the 'Let It Go' album of Young Saeng were lucky to see him, chat a bit, shook his hand and get his autograph from yesterday's fan signing event for Hot Tracks at Daegu.

As I see Young Saeng, he keeps on getting handsomer and hotter. You guys think so too? Well, do check these set of photos taken and shared by the Yun of HSScandal on their website.


sinthia said...

humm, Saengie is looking very handsome, really hot!! 8)

kelly said...

Hyun Joong say Young Saeng looks cute in whatever ways. He really does. Cute and shy guy.

Anonymous said...

501% agree!!!!!

that's my Prince!!!!! (A)