Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Scanned] Goong Pamphlet

Thanks to lafone for sending over this scanned photos of Goong Pamphlet. Before you go and take a look at the scanned images, let me share with you what lafone has to included in her email about the musical and Kyu Jong as Prince Shin.

Goong and Kyu Jong as Prince Shin

courtesy of lafone

Kyu Jong well transformed himself into Prince Shin, cold and
arrogant, not knowing how to intreract with other persons, but
eventually recognized that he's fallen into love with his princess.

The fencing battle with his rival was really hot as well as
his dance perfomance for high school festival which showed us
a glimpse of SS501 Kyu Jong. His also sang two solo ballads
and a duet song "Perhaps Love" , very sweet and touching.

In spite of his soft and elegant look, he well performed
Shin's dual personality, lonesome, eager for love, as well
independent spirit. He is no more a humble guy !

The scenario of Goong itself was very interesting.


Anonymous said...

why is there 4 men in the poster? Kyu looks hansome.

lafone said...

Dear liezle,

Thank you so much for uploading.
Happy that Kyu Jong could participate in a qualitative musical which will increase his reputation.

Dear annonymous,

It is because of double casting for Prince Shin and Lee Yul (the son of Prince Shin's father's elder brother). Yes, you are right. Kyu Jong is outstanding in looks as well^^