Sunday, June 05, 2011

[Superstar Video] Park Jung Min in 'Meet'

How do you think Jung Min would fair a a cop? Curious? Check this full Superstar drama episode 'Meet' featuring Jung Min as a cop.

Heaps of thanks again to for sharing the full video on her YT channel.

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Anonymous said...

what a sweet loving sexy cop!

liezle said...

Just finished my second serving of Superstar.

I don't know the storyline for this episode so can't say much about it. Can't relate to the character of Jung Min as what I only know is that he's a cop. A cop which even Jung Min kind of curious why he was given the kind of a role. ^^. But hey he's a cool cop yah. But really would have wanted to have Jung Min playing another role other than cop. He's too soft for the role.But but but... so sexy. I kind of miss this sexy Jung Min. Though he had gained back some meat I still prefer him with this physique.

I hope someone will sub this so that we can all relate to the story. Nevertheless, Jung Min is an eye candy.


Btw, love seeing Jung Min in casual. And his arms is also sexy. ^^

Alex said...

Hahahaha, JM made my day with this mini drama :)) Yeah, I totally agree with Liezle, apart from the part that he went in and out of the police station, JM is just too hot and model-look-like to be a cop :)) I find Meet as the most entertaining and hilarious one in the trilogy :)) Looking so tough while punching a bad guy but also looking so cute when he sleeps, chews or make funny actions hehe