Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Surge of Pix from KBS Open Concert 06.14.11

Are you ready for more? There'll be more actually in the coming days. We are only in our 1st week of madness over Hyun Joong. You better brace yourself and make sure that you're in good health. ^_^

Here are two more sets of photos of Hyun Joong from last night's KBS Open Concert from the shutterbugs of Geum-Nuna and ATTRACTION. Thanks as well to candy for sending the links from Baidu.

Go and grab them, it's yours for the taking... just don't edit and own, k? ^^

Awesome photos from Geum-Nuna...

Wonderful shots from ATTRACTION...

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Anonymous said...

Behind every win is a great team and KHJ proved once more his leadership capacities and capabilities .

Congratulations to KHJ and the Artmatic group of dancers/ Bravo !