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[Trans] Bae Yong Joon's Phone Patch Interview in Strong Heart

Super thanks to Suehan for doing this and sharing on her blog. I always visit suehan's blog to check on the latest about Yong Joon and after Strong Heart I visited more often because I know that something about Strong Heart will be posted. Thanks so much again Suehan and of course to familiar names like gaulyeoja, conan and yasai.

I like this portion of Strong Heart when Yong Joon called. Everyone in the studio got excited and the expression of Hyun Joong was priceless. I see that people do regard Yong Joon with high respect and admiration. Also glad that Hyun Joong knows him. Hyun Joong will know a lot of things about Yong Joon.


[Trans]BYJ’s Voice Appearance in “Strong Heart”
Courtesy of gaulyeoja (KOB)/conan/yasai
Korean to English translation by Suejann on /

Lee Seung Gi: Well, It looks likes you two are closer than I thought, did you call him or get some advice from him before you came here?

Kim Hyun Joong: The writers of this show asked me if I can call him. This could be my first request to him. I said, “Hyeong, May I ask you a favor? I’m going to appear in “Strong Heart”, in the show, will a telephone call with you be possible?” He responded, “Sure, It’s your first request, of course I’ll grant you a favor.”

KHJ: But, I think he was confused with “Three Wheels”. He sent me a text message like this, “I’m nervous about the quiz”. So, I said, “Hyeong! (bro), just do it comfortably.”, and he said, “I’m nervous about the quiz” and drew emotions for crying like this, ㅜ. ㅜ.

Kang Ho Dong: Is a telephone call with Bae Yong Joon possible?
KHJ: Do you want to try?
Lee Seung Gi: We’ll greatly appreciate it.
Kang Ho Dong: If Bae Yong Joon answers the phone, then we will do a 1 minute speed quiz right away.

(ring ring)
BYJ: Ah.. yes..
KHJ: o~hooo
BYJ: Hello, Hello.

KHJ: Hyeong, you have only one minute. What is the name of the band to which I belonged before?
BYJ: SS501.

KHJ: Who is the national emcee? (Correct answer: Yu Jae Seok)..
BYJ: Kang Ho Dong.
KHJ: No.

KHJ: what are you called in Japan?
BYJ: Me? Haha Yonsama.

KHJ: Who is the most handsome guy of Super Junior?
BYJ: Ah.. Shindong.

KHJ: Who is Chotongryong? (Correct answer: Pororo)
BYJ: Hyun Joong, is this a quiz show?

Lee Seung Gi: Correct Answer.

Lee Seung Gi: How are you, senior Bae Yong Joon? I’m from Strong Heart.
Bae Yong Joon: Annyeonghaseyo.

Kang Ho Dong: Would you please say a few words to the viewers?

BYJ: Sure. Nice to meet you everyone, I’m Bae Yong Joon.

Lee Seung Gi: The voice we heard on TV.
Lee Seung Gi: Hyun Joong said that you were nervous about the quiz.

BYJ: Oh, I thought I had to solve the problems, but I researched and found out that I was wrong.

Kang Ho Dong: Were you confused with “Three Wheels”?
BYJ: Yes, I think so.

Kang Ho Dong: How can you describe him?
BYJ: He has so many talents. It seems that those who have many talents don’t work hard, but he works hard, always considers, develops himself, and more than anything else, he has good manners and is modest, because of that, not only me, but everyone likes him.

Kang Ho Dong: Why did you go to Busan alone?
BYJ: Busan? Because I don’t have place to stay in Seoul.

Jeong Ju Ri: Come to my house.
BYJ: Ah.. Who is this?

Jeong Ju Ri: I’m Jeong Ju Ri.
BYJ: Ah.. Annyeonghaeseyo.
Jeong Ju Ri: Ah.. Emperor, please come to my house. I live in Hapjeong.

Kang Ho Dong: Are you sensitive to colds?
BYJ: Yes, a lot.
Kang Ho Dong: I see.

BYJ: How did you know about it?
Lee Seung Gi: Hyun Joong gave us a tip.

Kim Young Chul: You will be very surprised if you watch the show.
BYJ: Okay.

Lee Seung Gi: When you answered the quiz, without any hesitation, you said, the national emcee is Kang Ho Dong.
BYJ: Haha, because he is there now..

Kim Young Chul: Then, if you appear in “Happy Together”, are you going to say, Yu Jae Seok? (laugh)

Kang Ho Dong: What were you doing?
BYJ: I was waiting for a call. Haha

Lee Seung Gi: and studying..
Kim Young Chul: I didn’t expect him giving us a simple answer.

Lee Seung Gi: We are in the battle today, senior. It’s the King of Kings battle. In the first round, Kim Hyun Joong and Yun Ho did a talk battle. Whom do you expect to win?
BYJ: It looks like Hyun Joong will win, but it will be good seeing him lose.

Kang Ho Dong: Why is that?
BYJ: Because the viewers might be pleased seeing him get hit by the wind.

Kang Ho Dong: Please say a few words for a final goodbye.

BYJ: Yes. I’m glad to meet you, Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi, even though it was over the phone. I enjoyed it a lot. Please love “Strong Heart”, viewers, and I wish you all health.

Lee Seung Gi: Thank you, senior.

Hong Seok Cheong: I love you, Bae Yong Joon ssi.. (Phone got disconnected?)

Bae Yong Joon. Thank you.

Here's video of that portion of interview with Bae Yong Joong.

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Anonymous said...

Aww... he's so sweet, nervous about the quiz. He even does research on the show, and waits for the call. I'm glad they find each other. BYJ needs HuynJoong's youthfulness of wills, and HJ needs BYJ's years of experiences .

sinthia said...

hahahaha it seems the show will be really funny.I'm looking forward to this! ^^
thanks for the translation!

Anonymous said...

these two really are close! they seem to admire each other for their unique qualities. so glad they meet each other and are in the same company.

Anonymous said...

hahaha...when wuri yj said that he's nervous about the quiz, i just knew it that he would definitely do his homework first before the show, and "ding dong"~ he proved me right about it... he indeed did the research^^ that's wuri yj!! really happy and love the closeness between the two most gorgeous men in the world <3

A.L.I.C.I.A said...

Which group I PREVIOUSLY belongED in??? Aigoo....

Anonymous said...

lol everyone seems to be going crazy whenever bae yong joon spoke. i really want to watch when this broadcasts
thanks for sharing with the translation

Anonymous said...

technically, HJL's speech bubble says "the group i debuted in". (it's hard for me to hear, but i think it's verbatim). i wish he said "my group", but it's better than "previous", right?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree to anony 12:09 - the two most gorgeous men in the world!!! So excited and happy to hear byj's voice at hyunjoong's TV appearance. May God bless the two most beautiful men on earth!