Friday, June 10, 2011

[Vid] Hyun Joong's Comeback Stage @ Music Bank 110610

Heaps of thanks Marvie for shoving again Hyun Joong performance this time on Music Bank. Loads of thanks too to unknowcarrot170 for the HQ upload.

Another great performance from Hyun Joong. I quite sure that most that are watching hardly or not at all move their eyes or their monitor or TV. He's yummylicious.

Back Stage



Credit : unknowncarrot170


A Believer Like Me :) said...

best ever video :))) ** follow me back please!

Anonymous said...

They edit out the backstage part.I didnt see it live today in Mbank.Was i wrong when i saw he was no 32 on the chart.Is his album not doing well in the marktet?My heart is beating irregularly but im hoping that my assumption is wrong again.I also notice there was no chanting for leader.Is it because leader's part is recorded?

Mbank stage is not as magestic as Mnet as always.

Leader Hyunjoong fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

I like his performance for break down much better. Camera angles are much better since we can see leaders' dance choreography. Don't worry about please in no. 32.. We should focus more for Breakdown since its his title track. Keep streaming in Mnet and soribada guys

Anonymous said...

KHJ's cute at backstage!Break it down, down, down...down...down! LOL! With that tilt to his head and his cheeky smile, so 4D of him! Love you, KHJL!

Joyce Choong said...

Yes, Hyun Joong Ssi's Please was #32 and Young Saeng Ssi's Let it go, went up by 5 to #8. I was a bit disappointed at the stage/set at Music Bank. Compared to MNet's M! Countdown, Music Bank did not put much thought into it. Last year,KBS put up a beautiful stage for SS501's Love Ya.

Anonymous said...

@7:32 Leader's album sales are no.1 in HAnteo charts since the 8th. Digital sales are not that good. So All we need to do is Download Break down and stream it in all digital sites. We need to do this in order for him to win coz digital sales count

Anonymous said...


As anony 8:20 said, TO WIN THE HIGH RANK AT MUSIC BANK OR INGIGAYO, PLS DOWNLOAD AND STREAM 'BREAK DOWN' in all digital sites!!! DOWNLOAD counts 60% OF THE WHOLE SCORE at M/Bank and Ingigayo! We should DOWNLOAD a lot to make KHJ take on high spot! Let's make our KHJ no 1!!!

Anonymous said...

hey guys~
MB's chart records 'last week's' rank.
HJL's album release this week, so #32 for 'Please' is amazing because it has no album credit, prefference credit or airing credit.
that's just with download and streaming credit.
isn't it amazing?
don't be disappointed, dear fans.
HJL doing so well so far.
just keep going streaming and download for his No 1!

Anonymous said...

and 2 full songs is very extraordinary event at MB.
even SS501 couldn't have 2 full songs at MB.
so don't be afraid everyone.

Anonymous said...

loved it!!