Saturday, June 18, 2011

[Vid] Hyung Jun @ Changi Airport 06.18.11

After a very successful fan meeting last night in Singapore Hyung Jun zipped off to Jakarta this morning for another activity.

Here is a fancam by posted on her YT channel.

He could be in Jakarta by now. I hope fans will also be sharing fancams later.


Anonymous said...

Indonesian fans tweeted this afternoon that Hyung Jun didn't look happy in the airport and no smile, a lot of Indonesian fans were wondering why he's not happy..

One of upset indonesian fans tweeted Hyung Jun and said to him, "..Why you seem in a bad mood if you don't want to come to Indonesia then don't come, go back to Korea..."

Even his brother KiBum tweeted indonesian fans to give full support for hsi brother..

Indonesian security also slapped one of the fans in the airport when they tried to see Hyung Jun and also the security mocked Hyung Jun, saying that Hyung Jun is a stupid fool in Indonesian language.. :(

So many dissasters this afternoon and fans said meeting Hyung Jun is difficult compare to Jung Min

liezle said...

Thanks anonymous for your comment.

Hyung Jun left Singapore early in the morning and from tweets I read he seems tired and keeps on yawning. I hope that fans will understand that our idols are human too. From his tweet this morning (i interpreted it like this) he said that he's tired but wants to forget tiredness by having fun.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Some fans expect too much from Idols. Hyung Jun has a crazy schedule so of course there are going to be times when he gets tired and won't be at his 100%. I've seen the fancams of him leaving Singapore and pics of him in Indonesia and he still waved to fans and gave good fan service. So what if he wasn't jumping up and down in excitement when he arrived, he still was polite and friendly to the fans. Unlike the fan who tweeted to him to go back to Korea.

Anonymous said...

omg thats terrible..i hope baby is ok..he must have been really tired from activities so that's only reason he may have not been as energetic! from the first post - can't believe the security guard said that.

slimz1808 said...

OMG tis is bad.. i was @ his FM in SG on sat.. he was GREAT, fun and he really did lotsa songs! encoring wif > 1 SONGS..
He oso was very happy & frenly during the auto-graph + hi-5 session..
i tink he was jus tired..i got home aft the FM at 11plus and there was still quite a crowd aft me, waiting for sign/hi-5. the poor boy prob got to rest only at 2+? and his flight to Indon was 7+. Which mathematically means he zzz 3+ hours only... ...