Friday, June 17, 2011

[Vid[ Young Saeng's Goodbye Stage in Music Bank 06.17.11

Yes, it's bye bye time for Young Saeng in Music Bank just like in M! Countdown yesterday

Here's video of YS during his performance from 's YT channel.

From happiebb's live update in MuBank...

  • YS was totally totally cute!!!!!
  • YS's face was priceless when the crew stuffed the microphone into his hand! & his smile
  • YS (& his song) seems v popular with the folks here. Many were singing along & doing fanchant! The gals were screaming his name too ^^
  • Young Saeng was fab...!!!! He even stayed back to play around with 4men aft his own stage (since 4men's stage was pre-recorded) ^^


kelly said...

Wonder what went wrong with his mic? I thot there is still sound?

Anonymous said...

Good bye, Young Saeng.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

guess the sound coordinator learned his mouthpiece wasn't working hence the mic... yeah, cute smile... priceless... i am looking forward to YS next activity which is what... acting or musical.... (A) thanks for the vid