Thursday, June 16, 2011

[Vid & Media Pix] Young Saeng's Performance in M! Countdown 06.16.11

CrazyCarrotExtra for uploading HD quality vids. Here's Young Saeng's peformance in M! Countdown tonight.

Kinda sad that Young Saeng's song didn't get to No. 1 in any music shows. Really like this song a lot too. Anyway, one thing though that has been proven, Young Saeng can also go solo and I believe has build up his confidence. I am looking forward to more song from Young Saeng. He'll get there too and so are the rest of SS501.

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Anonymous said...

yes this shy bad boy does look more confident these days and he definitely deserves to be #1 and he will always be #1 in our heart

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad for YS as we all know he is #1 in terms of singing, music and stage performance. Can't help but cried when I saw him standing behind leader who got the award (I'm heart broken and can't watch the vid again). He truly supports his member and thought of SS501 only. He does not envy others and is so gentle and kind hearted. Saengie, we
love you forever!