Sunday, July 17, 2011

[Article] Advance Birthday Greetings from HK Fans During Hyung Jun's Fan Signing Event

Another article from ONLY JUN posted HERE. Heaps of thanks again for the news from the fan signing even that happend in Tai Po Mall yesterday.

It was a successful fan signing event for Hyung Jun. And tonight on Twitter, the fan meeting was also another success. I am just waiting for good quality photos. Once I see some will share them with you.


[News] Kim Hyung Jun Fan Meeting, Received Advanced Birthday Greetings in Korean from Fans News Source: Headlines HK
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Korean group SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun yesterday evening had a fan meeting and he signed autographs on posters for 800 fans. This attracted many fans to queue up early at the venue. Kim Hyung Jun whose birthday is on the 3rd next month, received birthday greetings from fans in Korean. He expressed that the birthday present he wishes for the most is to win the hearts of fans and to have his albums to be well supported and receive good sales.

P.S. The writer must be referring to fan signing and NOT fan meeting in this article. ^^

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Anonymous said...

I noticed something..

Baby and Leader share the same cut (short hair, showing their foreheads) and both of them wear earrings..

They released their third MVs in the same day, and in their new mvs, they both are riding the ferrari. and They both have the same total 3MVs