Sunday, July 17, 2011

[FanCams] Hyung Jun's Fan Meeting in HongKong 07.17.11

Super thanks to for sending me the link to her YT channel and allowing us to view the videos she took at Hyung Jun's Fan Meeting held at KITEC Auditorium.

Aside from these videos that Jolian shared, Hyung Jun also sang U R Man and if I am not mistaken did several repeats of oH! AH.


oH! aH!

If This Night Passes (OST from Lie To Me)


No Other Girl But You


Joying said...

I am here, Liezle. ^^

Apart from the videos I took, he also sang I AM to a fan. He changed his clothes and then sang UR Man and repeated Oh!Ah! and Girls in the encore part.

liezle said...

Hi Joying! Thanks again and for the added info. Geez, he sang quiet a lot of songs. No wonder from the press releases from S-Plus they keep on saying concert. ^^ Normally fan meeting would only have 5 to 6 songs.


Joying said...

Yes, he did sang quite a lot of songs. I enjoyed his singing very much!!! I like his rapping in the song "Not the other girl but you".

For the game part, he first drew a portrait for a fan, which I think he has improved his drawing a lot when compared with the SS501 days. XD

In the second game, he took polaroid pictures with six fans with different intimate poses such as back hug. >///<

At last he sang "I AM" for the luckiest lady tonight. :)

The fans also prepared a surprise for him to celebrate his birthday in advance.

Anonymous said...

damn when I watch heaven, I almost cried because he nearly cried before the song starting!

slimz1808 said...

the games he played is exactly the same as in SG FM and he also sang to a fan ^^

Anonymous said...

never got tired of his unique voice!! Baby really grew up a lot..but still the name "Baby" cannot be replaced.. ^^ miss SS501 together.. i hope he takes care of his health too!