Friday, July 08, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong Revealed His 6 Pack

Choco choco abs is a happy happy sight. ^^

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[News] Kim HyunJoong, Revealed His 6 Pack That Surpassed Rain!
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Kim HyunJoong revealed his hidden abs!

Today in Mnet 20's Choice in the evening at Wakerhill Waterpark, Seoul, Kim HyunJoong showed his strong stage performance filled with male power. Kim HyunJoong performed his title track Break Down under the rain, and it have received many warm applauses.

In that day, Kim HyunJoong took off his shirt daringly during the last part of the song, giving a big surprise to the audiences. The audiences went wild seeing his perfect 6 packs, arousing many enthusiastic responses.

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Anonymous said...

hehehe........he's like the 2nd rain since he likes to take off his shirt so much on stage. it got old fast with rain and it's gotten old with leader too. i can't even recall one good memorable song from rain.......and leader's album is my least favorite among the boys. there wasn't much singing........but the album does bring out his strength more and that is his dancing....not singing.

nanet said...

I guess we all have different tastes. Hyun Joong's album is my favorite among the boys. HJ's voice may not be as strong as JM, he may not reach the high notes that YS and baby can sing but his voice is pleasant to the ears. He's got a mellow sounding voice. Each song in his album has it's own character and I think this is the very reason why I like it so much. He may not be the best singer in the group and I don't think Hyun joong thinks of himself as the best singer either but he uses what he's got, limited as it may be, the best he can. That's what I like about him the most. I am happy that his solo debut has been a success. He not only deserves it...he's earned it through hard work. M happy for the rest of the boys as well.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with nanet 100%.

Everyone has their own preference and I too prefer Hyun Joong's album. Not because the other members' albums aren't good because they definitely are, I just prefer the style of music that is incorporated in Hyun Joong's album more. It has an R&B flavor to it that I like a lot. Like nanet said, he may not have the best vocals but it's very soothing to the ear. I love watching his performances especially when he does the Jitjoong. :)

Anonymous said...

I may be the only one that thinks there's nothing wrong with Leader's singing. :p For me, I prefer his voice over the others.

I don't want to start anything, but I don't see how Leader taking off his top is getting old fast. It's not like he shows it off at every performance. I think he does it in good taste.

Anyway, to each her own. The world would be boring if we all think alike. :)

Anonymous said...

I really believe if the combine their songs together it woud be a huge hit... Let it go. Not alone. GIRL AND Break down it would proabably break record IN THe music industry n its their own chosing of songs... Too bad u dont like his singing maybe u should ask him to step down as a singer n become a dancer.... U r just insulting him saying he is not good at singing why would he want to be a singer just because u dont see him sing high note doesnt mean he can do it....

Anonymous said...

@11:20 Yea, whatever! To each his own... I've always enjoyed listening to KHJ's voice more than the others tbh. Yes, no doubt that YS and HJB have more melodic voices and PJM's, well, for me the latter's voice is too overwhelming though definitely more powerful. I like listening to them too, especialy the first 2 but I LOVE to listen to KHJ more, hehe. He's absolutely my favourite and if anyone were to ask why, well, my answer will have to be, because he's Kim Hyun Joong, everything that embodies him...

Anonymous said...

KHJ's voice is very soothing to listen to. His keen sense of sound, beat and tune really allows him to be the anchor of the group. He may not have the strongest voice among the members, but think hard and look deeper, you'll see that he's really the soul of the group. I'm glad to see that he gets to show the world what he can really do now.

Anonymous said...

hyun joong performance is the best! for me,i prefer his voice compared to's very manly,it cannot be measured on how one's reaching high tones,but on how he carry and performed the song well.that's why his album was a "HUGE" success.he's unique,that's why he's loved by so many of his fans.whatever they said,he's uncomparable and the "ONLY ONE!"

Anonymous said...

yes! hyun joong is the best! and besides he's the most prominent in the group.he excel in whatever field he is doing.nothing can beats him.the more they tried to degrade him,the more he become famous! more awards to come hyun joong!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with everything that nanet said. Breakdown does showcase Hyun Joong's dancing skills but to say there is hardly any singing in his album makes no sense. One cannot say that he is not singing in PLEASE, LET IT GO and KISS KISS. He certainly made some good song choices. And he can definitely sing. I don't get tired listening to HJ's voice. I can listen to him all day long. I think the success of his album speaks for itself. He sure has a big following. He is loved by many and that includes me.
Actually anon2:48 has a point. Many try to put Hyun Joong down but what has come out of it? He is still up there. Why? It's be cause you cannot bring down a good man!
As nanet said, we have different tastes. To each his own.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hyun Joong taking his top off has gotten old. I love it and I think a lot of his fans love it. And he has a HOT body. Of the boys, I think he is the only one who can pull it off. He does it with style. You gotta be a hot blooded female to appreciate a hot man!
I couldn't agree more with nanet..we all have different taste. I love Hyun Joong. I love him as a person and I love his music. Congratulations on the success of your album! Hope that for your next album, we can see u play an instrument. That will be awesome. Looking forward to ur next album.

Anonymous said...

Hi nanet! You're the one from LKHJ? I m a silent reader in LKHJ and I love all your comments there. You're a fair person and an intelligent lady. You're very funny too. Nice to see you posting here in Liezle's blog. I hope you come here more often.
I love leader's album. It's the best!