Friday, July 08, 2011

[Notice from B2M] Fan Staff for Kyu Jong

Much thanks to slimz1808 for sending translation of this notice from B2M.

I am still shoving this here for us to have an idea what this B2M announce is about. Though it's a long shot for us (foreign fans) to be part of this, it's nice to read and know the process on how one is chosen to be a fan staff.

Now, I curious what activity Kyu Jong will be doing that he will be needing fan staff.


[FAN STAFF recruitment] KKJ recruitment for fan staff
korean - chinese translation redcat111 /
chinese - english translation slimz1808

Hi, this is B2M entertainment.

Recruiting for fan staff who will accompany Kim Kyu Jong-xi for his activities.
Looking for one who can serve KKJ and fans wholeheartedly.
Interested parties please refer to below details

1) Recruitment period :2011.07.06~2011.07.17 PM12:00
2) Recruitment regions and number of headcount
- Seoul and around Seoul = 3 pax
- Gangwon Province/ Chungcheongjiyeok / Cholla Region = 2pax each region
3) Recruitment details
- Male/female born in or after 1992 (19 years) and is member of the official website
- Love for fans is as much as love for Kyu, willing to serve fans
- Not an existing Fan Staff of other artistes' FC
- For Fan Staff around Seoul, we are looking for one who can participate om at least 90% of Kyu's schedule. For Fan Staff of other regions, partcipation in schedules will be determined based on address.
- Looking for one whose personal studies and job will not be affected by the participation in Fan Staff activities.
4) Application method : Download and fill in the attached form, send it back via email
- email subject titled as : [Kim Kyu Jong Fan Staff application]Region-Name of applicant (e.g. [Kim Kyu Jong Fan Staff applicant]Seoul-Kim Kyu Jong)
- application form titled as : Region-Name of applicant
- application period : 2011.07.06~2011.07.17 PM12:00 (onlt accept applications which are received by July 17th)
- recruitment process as follows :
a) Step one : review of application form
b) Step two : face-to-face interview (Seoul), telephone interview (outside regions)
c) Step three : participate in Fan Staff activities

5) Other details
- Application forms are solely accepted via email
- Application forms without applicant's photo is invalid
- Applicants to leave accurate notification contact details to facilitate notification from us
- Intentionally doctored forms will be considered as invalid and will be barred from participating in other activities
- Successful applicants who is found to be misbehaving in his/her capacity as Fan Staff may be removed from the post and barred from participating in other future activities.

** Please do not alter details in this official notice


Anonymous said...

born after 1992? means anyone born before that cannot apply??

slimz1808 said...

omo! its before 1992 .. at least aged 19 !!
thanks for pointing that out ^^
trans it in the middle of the nite.. hee... half the brain sleeping mode =D

Anonymous said...

lol i wonder what kyu's new activities will be ???? have they updated his sched yet? i hope he has the lead in a rly popular drama ...

Anonymous said...

it would be fun yet challenging and for the agency looking for a recruit at least 19 and above and will be with Kyu for his Seoul activities... this is a one in a million chance of a lifetime^^

im dying to know what activity will Kyu do for him to need fan staff

Anonymous said...

if only they recruit overseas members too! ><