Wednesday, July 06, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong in TV Star IQ

Don't forget to set your alarm on the 9th of July for Hyun Joong's guesting in SBS E! TV Star IQ.


[News] Kim Hyun-joong "Lee Seung-gi is a friend and U-Know is older"

Source : Nate
Lifted from : HanCinema

SBS E!TV Star IQ analyzed why Kim Hyun-joong who has released a solo album, has to make money.

There were several efforts he had made to make money. He said before, "I have done many part time jobs before my debut and I collected almost a hundred million won".

Kim Hyun-joong is running a chicken place with friends and has promoted his shop by appearing on the flyers himself.

Sometimes he made a weird relationship analysis. "A year younger Lee Seung-gi is a friend but U-Know who was born in the same year as me is older. I think you need to sponge off those who are even a day older than you".

This episode of the program will reveal why Kim Hyun-joong has to make money. Coming this 9th at 2:30PM


A.L.I.C.I.A said...

I've always admired hyun joong's way of answering things. Many instances, I could tell whether he was deliberately "excluding" people or "including" people. It's very smart. I don't know, dont kill me, this his way of siding with jae joong in the tvxq vs jyj cold war???? Hahaha...


Anonymous said...

hmm, i agree he's a smart boy, but i don't think he said it to purposely exclude people, coz he mentioned that he stayed over at yunho's house before, and they were laughing at each other's stories on strong heart.

i think it's more of his 4D way of talking about how he gives respect to his contemporaries and let everyone feel good.
his "younger" dongsaeng seunggi is now his chinggu (on same level as him), and his chinggu yunho is now his hueung (respectful towards him).
and on top of that, of course he also gets treated for meals~! ^^

Anonymous said...

I gleaned from SS501 interviews that it is the older ones that pay the meals of younger ones. There was one appeal made by KHL to a Lee Sora (?) saying that if they meet, "pls buy me a meal". There was a similar statement made by Kyu Jong to an elder.