Wednesday, July 06, 2011

[Article] Jung Min in a Japanese Drama

Heaps of thanks to rainaftershine for translating the article on her blog. The storyline looks interesting.


[News] Park Jung Min, and Japan top actress Sakai Miki to co-star in ’8 Gatsu no Love Song’
Chinese translation: 镜子 @ No. 43 Park (
English translation:

SS501 member Park Jung Min will be acting in a Japan mobile drama ’8 Gatsu no Love Song’.

Park Jung Min will be acting as an overseas actor in the drama, this will be his first time acting as a main character. In this drama, he will be working with top actress Sakai Miki who acts as Miho Nakayama childhood in ‘Love Letter’, and also drama ‘Hakusen Nagashi’ who turned famous because of her character Heroin.

This drama is about a Korean pop star and a Japanese housewife, who have a dangerous one-night romance. Park Jung Min’s fluent Japanese skill and acting skills is expecting lots of anticipation from everyone.

Park Jung Min’s agency expressed that ‘Although he is busy with his schedule recently, Jung Min carried lots of enthusiasm in acting this drama.’ ‘He will be acting as a lead in a Taiwan drama after this Japan drama ends. He is also anticipating in going for schedules as an actor.’

In addition, LISMO TV drama ’8 Gatsu no Love Song’ is scheduled to air on 5th August, every Friday with a total of 4 episodes.


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Anonymous said...

i'll definitely watch this drama~ he's looking fine from the pics. hope he'll take care of himself better and not to worn himself..

i miss him so much!!! the other members too..

Anonymous said...

I wanna watch this! I love his acting esp. in Human Theatre!

But anyone know how overseas fans is able to watch this drama?

Anonymous said...

mal looks hot!

Anonymous said...

sexxy jungmin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait for the drama.. i wonder how the one night stand is going to look like... ;)

Anonymous said...

Miss him. Looking forward to the drama.

Anonymous said...

another news report came out today saying that each episode is only 5 minutes long and each week, 4 episodes will be shown instead of the previous news report that the entire drama is 4 episodes long. i'm so confuse...........

Alex said...

PJM just @-)
Lol, look at the last pic, JM looks so happy while the actress was having the opposite facial expression :)) Isn't it supposed to be the other way around lol :))