Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Article] Jung Min Has a Kissing Scene in his Japanese Drama

Again thanks to rainaftershine for the translation of this on her blog. This news and the one i posted just before this are the news wherein she gave brief translation last night which I have been waiting for full trans. Thanks again!

Only a 4 second kiss? That's too short and seems like just a smack. ^_^. Can't wait for this drama, I hope fans in Japan will be sharing this with us .


[News] Park Jung Min ’4 second magical kissing scene’ in ’8 Gatsu no Love Song’

Chinese translation: yukiko @ PJMIFC (
English translation:

SS501 member Park Jung Min starred in Japan mobile LISMO drama ’8 Gatsu no Love Song’ whom he will be the main actor.

In addition, it was revealed that there will be a ’4 second magical’ kissing scene which attracted many attention. Park Jung Min jokingly said with regards to the ’4 seconds kissing scene’ whom he held his breathe with the female lead, Sakai Miki, ‘It’s been a long time since there is a kissing scene in a drama, I am really nervous till I felt that I have a feeling of trembling.’

His company expressed ‘Park Jung Min who is having a high popularity in Korea, Japan and even Greater China will be heading to Taiwan to film after ending his album promotion tour. But before he goes to Taiwan, he will be acting in a Japanese drama as an overseas artist in a Japanese drama, which there will be a great sense of expectation.” and also said that ‘he keeps his smile on throughout the filming even though his scheduled is packed and thus receiving praises from the staff member.”

’8 Gatsu no Love Song’ is scheduled to air on 5th August, every Friday with a total of 4 episodes.


Anonymous said...

nooo,i don`t think i can bear seeing Minnie kissing a woman
jk :P
i`m really excited to see Minnie in a drama

Anonymous said...

can't wait for it!! i really wanna see him on TV!! miss him!!

Anonymous said...

man! if I see that kissing scene, Imma really count how long it is. I want to know make sure it's just 4secs. LOL. Possessive fan? hahaha. nah! Just kidding! :)) Jung Min is so busy...

Anonymous said...

LOL only 4 secs???? when i read "steamy one night love affair btw korean celeb and japanese housewife" i expected there to be a whole bed scene !!

Anonymous said...

damn i really wanted a bed scene lol.........

Anonymous said...

its for a short drama so dont expect too much.

Anonymous said...

4 seconds is too long!!!!! please don't touch any other women jungmin!!!