Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Article] Hyung Jun Featured in COLOR Magazine July Issue

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Taiwan fans, get ready for Hyung Jun on July 24. Show them how passionate you are, k?


[Trans] Taiwan Magazine COLOR Magazine July 2011

Scan: Annieyang
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Kim Hyung Jun, member of group SS501 whose popularity has swept over Asia, after releasing his solo mini album in April, would be coming to Taiwan under the status of a solo singer to hold his [2011 Kim Hyung Jun Fan Meeting in Taipei]. On July 24 afternoon, at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, he will be presenting his warmest smile and showcasing his best performance for his Taiwanese fans!


For 5 years, Kim Hyung Jun who debuted under the name of Korean highly popular boy group SS501 Maknae has garnered a large group of supporters all over Asia. In 2009, Kim Hyung Jun and SS501 held their highly popular, all sold-out Asia Tour Persona Concerts, causing the Korean wave which has swept through Asia to become crazier. In June 2010, after Kim Hyung Jun’s contract with his agency expired, he joined a new management agency, and hence started his solo activities. In March 2011, Kim Hyung Jun released his solo mini album (MY GIRL), thereby officially making his comeback. This album was produced by Korean top music producer E-Tribe and Korean gifted music producer RaDo, as well as Kim Hyung Jun himself. Album’s name (MY GIRL) not only expresses his desire for love, but mostly to demonstrate his love for his fans. Furthermore, the talented Kim Hyung Jun has been chosen to be the MC for a Mnet programme(Wide Entertainment News) which has been showing for more than 8 years. He would be hosting the show together with Lee Sol Ji which combines entertainment as well as updated news, therefore enabling viewers to see the many different sides of Kim Hyung Jun.

Yes! Right after the Korean group BEAST, Kim Hyung Jun would be coming to Taiwan. Previously when he had just released his solo mini album, his Album Showcase tickets in Seoul was sold out in 5 minutes, proving that although SS501 has gone separate ways for further development, Kim Hyung Jun’s charms remained unchanged and is still deeply adored by fans. This year summer, OWL Entertainment would be bringing Kim Hyung Jun to Taipei to meet his Taiwanese fans! Kim Hyung Jun who would be visiting once again has quite good impression of Taiwanese fans, and he is looking forward to meet his beloved fans. Kim Hyung Jun expressed that he was on a tight schedule during his previous trip to Taiwan, hence missing many attraction sights, hopefully he would have a chance to visit Taiwan properly. This year’s fan meeting he would be meeting fans with his new album performance, as well as more surprises and interactions with fans, hoping fans would enjoy immensely!

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