Saturday, July 02, 2011

[Article] Young Saeng Dated a Female Artist Before

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In every interview of Young Saeng it seems that we always get something new from this most reserved and mysterious member of SS501. Hmm, who could be the lady he's referring to?


[Trans] Heo Young Saeng Admitted "Dated With A Female Artiste After Debut"
Chinese Trans: 0317@BD HYS BAR
English Trans:
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Solo Singer Heo Young Saeng admitted about his past relationships.

Heo Young Saeng on the broadcast of Mnet "BEATLES CODE" on 30 Jun, told during the segment of Parallel Theory.

Focus is on Heo Young Saeng's past memory. When the MC asked about his 1st love, Heo Young Saeng was very frank and open saying, "1st love was during year 1 in high school and 2nd love was during year 2 in high school." But the MC stubbornly continued, Heo Young Saeng straight forward reply, "So you are the kind that your love not stopping, what about the 3rd love, when was it?"" After that it stopped, but after I debut I met my 3rd love." "The other party is an artiste." Thus the MC used his smart phone to search for "Heo Young Saeng" after which HyunA and Park Joo Hyun appeared on the search engines.

"Beatles Code" is indeed in asking straight forward questions. The MC asked, "Isn't HyunA too young?" With this, Heo Young Saeng explained, "HyunA is probably due to her featuring in my album, whereas Park Joo Hyun just entered into our company."

After which, Heo Young Saeng finally told everything out. The MC said, Heo Young Saeng answered indifferently, "So you did dated." "Yes, that was in the past." With this, the MC also said, "I used to like my manager cos I find her very cute."

Heo Young Saeng recently released his solo album "LET IT GO" which is very popular and he is actively engaged in a lot of different activities.


Anonymous said...

maybe Lee Hyun Ji that was around 2007 the had Scandal AND they wear matching outfit like hat and Accessories

Anonymous said...

@ 8:44
who is she??is she an idol too??

Anonymous said...

She is eunhyuk suju ex-girlfriend too after break up with young saeng

Anonymous said...

my friend said it was because one of eunhyuk ex-gf was its become a sad love story for our prince, because based on eunhyuk story, he ends the relationship because his gf dated with another boy too at the same time, which is young saeng oppa..but i still dont sure yet..anyone knows?

Anonymous said...

aniyoo.. i guess its lee hyun ji.. based on rumor, she is eunhyuk ex.girlfriend which is young saeng ex.girlfriend too..

Anonymous said...

how do they know tht lee hyun ji's young saeng ex gf ? :0 based on report they're just assuming rite ? btw, so if it's true thn young saeng should be in bad terms with eunhyuk is it ?