Saturday, July 09, 2011

[Audio] Hyung Jun's 'Long Night'

Thanks to for uploading in YT Hyung Jun's song 'Long Night' from 84.7 Yokohama K-Pop! Now.

Thanks as well to vegiedelight for the YT link.

Nice, yah? If I am not mistaken this will be released on the 27 of July in Japan.

Hyung Jun was recently in Japan and went to the studio of K-Pop! Now. Here's a photo of him which I lifted from K-Pop! Now site.

P.S. Thanks as well to vegiedelight for the email.


Anonymous said...

omg I love this song, so catchy!! *__*

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Loving this song!

Anonymous said...

i luv baby to bits but this song doesn't click with me. I do not like it. wish that splus could hae found a better song to showcase his talents. I preferred his my girl album more. Though i didn;t like the album cover for my girl, i like the album cover for long night. Anyway I wish him all the best for this song
hyungjun fighting!

Anonymous said...

i love it!!!! i dunno why but i think it's suitable to be an anime song~~ <33