Friday, July 08, 2011

[Eng Subbed] Mnet Wide News Reports on Hyun Joong's Rehearsals 07.07.11

Much thanks to reena29shadow for tweeting the link to YT channel where we can watch the report of Mnet Wide News of Hyun Joong rehearsing yesterday for his special stage of 'Break Down' in last night's Mnet 20's Choice. You'll also see from this video portion of his actual performance.

Oh btw, and Hyung Jun was the one reporting. ^_^

courtesy of YT channel


Anonymous said...

I was watching Mnet Wide live today when Baby was talking about this. He made a funny face when leader's vid was playing. It was cute.

Anonymous said...

double hj :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha Baby's voice is so cute and Leader has hot body, drool worthy! double HJ is always keeping their privacy..! Im sure they met each other behind the stage.

Anonymous said...

as an MC, hyung jun should called him kim hyun joong-ssi but i heard he said uri hyung...hyun joongie hyung...he..he.. i love that