Sunday, July 03, 2011

[Audio] Hyung Jun's Music High Language School

This is cute. We get to hear Hyung Jun speak a word in different languages.

Super heaps of thanks to for putting this together on her YT channel. I have actually seen this but decided just now to make a post.

The latest entry on Kyujunnie's YT was that of July 2 with the word 'JULY' as the subject of interest.

I am not sure if these are the only audio on this, if I miss more, please let me know. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

hahaha...really lol..the way baby pronounce "tagay" really hilarious. but i like it!!

TAGAY to you Hyung Joon!!!

Anonymous said...

lol he's so funny, he butchers all foreign languages..

Anonymous said...

haha, it's not "magurang" caoz it's mean "old", it should be "maguLang" Maknae:-)..haha peace

So hilarious when saying the filipino words. always n high speech.LOL

Tagay! Mahal kita!:-)

Chara said...

wowowow, Kyujunnie (our main admin of SS501 Germany Fansite btw) making it to liezle's blog.^^ Delighted.^^

Thanks for posting this up!

Best thing I ever heard is "Ich habe Hunger" (I'm hungry). Worst is actually "Hilfe". But nevertheless, it's so good and great and above everything hearing him speak German! ^^

Anonymous said...

haha KyuJunnie, her favorite members must be Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong, I love these two handsome men too <3