Sunday, July 03, 2011

[GIF] Hyun Joong's Rowing Try Out

Remember on the the first week of June it was on the news that Hyun Joong tried out in Infinity Challenge rowing test? Then on the 12th of June during MBC 's Section TV he revealed that he gave up on the challenge.

Today on Twitter, I saw a GIF of Hyun Joong's try out. Check this GIF by WedHee that kim_i96 tweeted earlier.

If GIF is not working please click HERE.

Hee, no wonder I was scratching my head when I first read that he did a rowing test at MBC Dream Center when there's no place for him to do the test there. Hyun Joong actually did a test by using a machine to test his capability to row 1KM.


Anonymous said...

Good that he knows his limits for now.Its one at a time ,but its ok he tried out for it .Maybe when he is not as busy as nowadays he could make it.

Anonymous said...

Even when rowing he could facinates me on..aiyish hyunjoong why must you be like that.

Anonymous said...

Eh... The rowing technique is wrong

Anonymous said...

I think soo too..