Monday, July 11, 2011

[Pix] Kim Kyu Jong

Since Kyu Jong's return from Japan, we hardly heard anything from him nor from B2M.

The notice by B2M posted on Kyu Jong's official website with English translation posted HERE regarding fan staff is keeping us curious and anticipating as what Kyu Jong's next project will be. There were tweets some days ago about 'Goong' to be on stage in Korea soon as well as Kyu Jong preparing for his album. Of course all are still hearsay until we get confirmation of course from B2M.

Though while we wait, B2M treated us with new photos of Kyu Jong posted on his official website which I also shoved HERE and HERE. And while doing my usual rounds tonight I saw two more new photos (I believe I still haven't shared here) posted on SS601 and Baidu which I am shoving here.

The morning stubble on Kyu Jong's upper lip is making him more appealing. ^_^

P.S. Adding this photo which slimz1808 shared on the comment box. Don't know if this is recent so if there's anyone who can give info about this photo, it'll be much appreciated.

Photo lifted from the post of 恋歌恋影 in Baidu courtesy of 蒙牛酸酸乳音乐风云榜微薄


zaza said...

Oh, I'm in love. His lips are kissable :p LOL..

slimz1808 said...
kyu at interview by China media today - COOL magazine (if I'm not wrong)

Lee Dewi / 이대워 said... are sso right Liezle...that morning stubble is a real killer...cant help my self but to starring at it for sso die die die coz of him...