Sunday, July 03, 2011

Pix & Vids Galore of Hyun Joong from FC Men Soccer Match 07.02.11

I am putting in this post photos and vids from different sources from yesterday's soccer match of FC Men against Miracle yesterday. The game finished with FC Men winning.

First set of photos is from Nalza that I lifted from Baidu. Don't forget to check out the last photo from Nalza. You'll see the yummy choco abs of Hyun Joong. ^^

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Next set of photos are captures of Hyun Joong and Junsu by Sa-Rak lifted form

Last set is from the shutterbug of Geum-Nuna.

Following are fancams:

Thanks to for capturing this and to veggiedelight for sending in my email.

Beautiful fancams from

In the following videos there is no Hyun Joong. What you will see here is the lucky very lucky team manager of FC Men no other than Nicole Jung of KARA. She's one lucky lady to be the team manager of this team, yah? Actually I think she's the envy of most fans right now.

Thanks to for sharing these videos on her YT channel. Also, thanks to kim_i96 for the tweet.


Anonymous said...

Dear Hyun Joong,

You are so gaunt now and thin .You also look like your energy is already drained out of you.I know you love your soccer and you said it has helped you in your singing and helps you de-stress but ...but please take a rest still have many promo days ahead of you. Take care .

Anonymous said...

oppa, are so cute with thats hair...

Take care yourself oppa,.you have to enough rest..

Anonymous said...

Oh my! He's losing weight; he's back to being pale and skinny again. Noooooot good, HJL ahhh...!

Anonymous said...

i thought i'm making a mistake he's losing weight, if you look in some of the shots it's like he's not happy or he's just tired, maybe i'm just over sensitive when it comes to leader. but please hyun joong don't over do everything... i beg you take care..

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is cute like a litle boy.
Love him forever.