Wednesday, July 06, 2011

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Break Down Limited Edition DVD Making

Heaps of thanks to phoenix1981 for tweeting the link to vimeo account of azi767 where we could watch the Break Down Limited Edition DVD making. Much much thanks guys for sharing!

Yah, can't wait to get hold of my copy. I want to see this in HD. ^^

Breakdown Limited Edition Making DVD from azi767 on Vimeo.

Oh, thanks as well to


Anonymous said...

My copy was shipped today!! Happy Dance!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you azi767 for sharing so that eveyone can see how much effort and love hyunjoong puts into his solo album video.Whoever got the limited edition album is soo lucky.

czak_reina1 said...

hey liezle.
its been uploaded in YT already by 501hyunjsaeng, anyway here are the links:
part 1:
part 2:

Anonymous said...

hi, azi767 thank you for sharing so we are able to watch our beloved leader how to film his 1st album in the first place.
Leader have put so many effort on it.
i am so pound of him.

Anonymous said...

Liezle, Thanks for the video.

I appreciate his hard work. But I also feel a little sad when I watch the beginning part of the video where he was practicing in the studio. It's reminded me of M!Pick when SS501 were practicing. At that time, he was fooling around with his members. But this time he didn't have his members to play around with. It gives a different feel inside the studio.

And why did they have to cut out the kissing part in the Please MV? I thought his fans are mostly noona fans. They should be able to accept the kissing scenes.

Anyway, I enjoyed the video. It lets us see behind the scene.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liezle! I can't wait to get my copy!