Saturday, December 24, 2011

[Article] 'Goong' a GreatSuccessin Japan

Much thanks to VITALSIGN for sharing this news on AKP yesterday. I am so happy reading this news. For those going to Tokyo, Japan, you can still catch 'Goong' until the 30th. The musical is entertaining and the costumes are amazing.


[News] ‘Goong’ musical lauded to be a great success in Japan
Source + Photos: Star Today via Nate

On December 16th, the musical ‘Goong‘ created another round of success through its performance at the Tokyo International Forum C Hall!

SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong and Supernova‘s Sungmo play the role of the crown prince together. As they’re both members from two of the representative Hallyu groups in Japan, their double casting brought about huge success in tickets even before ‘Goong’ hit the stage.

All 1,400 seats were completely filled, and the Japanese audience members were reported to be dazzled by the Korean traditional costumes and props, and laughed and cried over the musical’s witty lines. Many were seen exiting the theater while humming the musical’s main theme songs.

‘Goong’ was originally a popular manhwa (comic) series before it became a hit TV drama under the same title. Continuing off of the success, the musical version was launched last year with TVXQ‘s Yunho as the leading role.


sinthia said...

Very happy reading this!! ^^
Kyu deserves all recognition due his hard work.

Anonymous said...

so proud of him ^_^

Anonymous said...

way to go our dear kyu....time will come your great acting will be paid off....:))

Anonymous said...

not surprise at all .
he is the best of all always !
he is the perfect of all always !
he is the most attractive one always !
he is the most outstanding one always !
he never tells sweet words to please the fans for gaining fans, so innocent !
he has all the good sides, but never show off his talents, so humble !
he is the true super Hallyu star !
that is why all of us love him the the most !

ollee said...




Anonymous said...

he makes everyone known the "Goong" , he makes the "Goong" up to the peak.
our kyu prince, the representative Hallyu star in Japan.

Anonymous said...

so proud of him

Anonymous said...

So proud of kyu jong... I hope he will ain more popularity cause he really deserves it...

Anonymous said...

Korean #1 super star !
& the super of super Hallyu star !