Monday, December 12, 2011

Surge of Pix Jung Min @ Hennessy Artistry Red Carpet 12.10.11

Much thanks to @yyann for sending these sets of photos from different source. These photos were from the Red Carpet from last Saturday's Hennessy Artistry 2011 Party at Guangzhou, China.

Courtesy of WillPower

Courtesy of PJMFC / Kristy

Courtesy of PJMFC / Park Kaen Di

You see more photos from the sharers above just by downloading the links below:

No.43 Park HERE
WillPower HERE


Anonymous said...

so handsome....can't help smiling every time I see pics of PJM <3

Anonymous said...

Don't like him in this hair style. Makes him look so old.

Anonymous said...

His face is old.

Anonymous said...

Look too ugly in this pictures.

Anonymous said...

this hair style might not suit him that much, but he is bring the new image to us.
at this point, i admit him & khj Leader. they are willing to show us somethings new from time to time.
by the way, no matter how he looks older that his age, that youth can not be hid it ^^

sinthia said...

ok this hair style is not the best he has used, but he still so handsome...=B
I don't care if he's looking older or not. I just can see his charm and kindness with fans! Love him so much! <3333

Anonymous said...

hehehe the hairstyle might not suit him the best but that sunshine smily face is still the bestest - no one can take that away!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I like this look more matured ..he can't be young forever. I wish him the best and hopefully that smile of his will stay the same (: