Monday, December 05, 2011

On Park Jung Min...

Jung Min went back to Taiwan yesterday after going to Japan to attend the K-POP Festival X-mas Edition that was held last December 3 at Yokohama Arena.

Jung Min together with INFINITE, BOYFRIEND, MBLAQ, Shin Hye Sung and more gave live performances for the 3-hour show.

Here are media photos of Jung Min from the said event.

As Jung Min went back to Taiwan, fans were at the airport to greet him. Here is a set of photos of Jung Min that I lifted from the post of 00lanse on Baidu when Jung Min returned to Taiwan. Much thanks to 小绵羊 for taking snapshots of Jung Min at Taoyuan Airport.

Here's fancam from MinLovePJMFCtw of Jung Min's arrival in Taiwan.

As I write this entry, let me also share with you something that I read on According to this portal, Jung Min is expected to return to Korean early next year after the drama, 'Fondant Garden', in which he is starring in Taiwan is finish until January.

In the same article as well, it was written that Jung Min will be returning home though middle of this month to receive medical treatment and that he will not be engaging in any activities. After a short break he will be back again to Taiwan to resume shooting.

Early this month, news that members of SS501 (as solo performers and Jung Min as host) will be attending SBS Gayo Awards. Yesterday again rumor (let me reiterate that... rumor) has it that Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun will be participating in this event. But in the article today that enewsworld released, according to Jung Min, he will NOT be participating in any year-end awards show as he has not been active in Korea lately. With that, it is already confirmed that Jung Min is out in the list and we just have to wait for the confirmation from the other members.

After Jung Min is done with his commitments in Taiwan, he will then be busy promoting his Japanese album.


slimz1808 said...

medical treatment? WAt medical treatment? he is injured...?
hope nothing serious..
well re the yr-end Awards, that time the rumours were that he will MC the event [my personal thot: one dun have to be active in Korea to MC the show I suppose?] .. haa..
Let's all write to Santa with this Xmas TS wish ^^

Anonymous said...

somehow even with the bright smile and beneath the happy facade, i feel that he's unhappy and probably unwell. i just hope my intuition isn't true.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's only a routine annual medical checkup. I don't think it is anything serious. He looks fine to me. The last time when he went to Malaysia, he looks so tired and I was so worried for him but nothing serious happen, thank goodness.

My Christmas wish is for him to be well and healthy.

Jung Ming, fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm quite shocked about his "medical treatment" but i really hope it is nothing serious because he is still doing other activities eh.

OMMO! the year end show is a very promising treat for Triple S! i really want to see that happen but. aaay!. i hope there is really nothing wrong within them. haaay!

liezle said...

hello slimz1808. probably nothing serious otherwise, i don't think we will be reading about it. just like one visitor said, could be just his routine annual check up.

anyway, though it is still a rumor i hoping that it's true. it would really be a nice gift for us TS if it's going to be true.


sinthia said...

Although I get kinda worried about this medical treatment, I'm believing it's not serious, just a routine check up. Otherwise he'd be giving us some evidence...

ooooh it would be great if all members could be participating in this year-end award. *.*
but I'm happy that at least 4 of them will be. ^^

Anonymous said...

To see all five of them on the same stage for at least a 10 minute performance will be like Heaven to like TS!

JungMin! Rest well and take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

awww poor jungminnie :( i hope he feels better soon - this constant shooting in taiwan = filming and refilming etc. is messing up his sched n his health so much :(

i rly hoped for a collab perf with all the members for an end of the year award but after reading minnies article saying he wont go to any i was rly sad

Anonymous said...

he has been wearing mask more than usual....did lose some meat.... the good news is he is still as cheerful as ever hopefully he'll get a chance to take a little break and recharge