Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sneak Peak at Musical 'Goong' Practice Room

The following photos were taken at the practice room during the casts of musical 'Goong' rehearsal at Hannam-dong Seoul last November.

The casts were rehearsing for the upcoming Tokyo performance which will start on the 16th of December at Tokyo International Forum Hall C.

In the Tokyo performances, Kyu Jong will be alternating the role of Prince Shin with Sung Mo of Supernova.

Following photos were lifted from HERE.

Kyu Jong with Choi Ye Seul. Cute!

Did you guys noticed that KJ is wearing a SS501 shirt?

Thanks once again to veggiedelight for sending the link to the above photos.


Anonymous said...

It's now 2:18am and I've just finished the office work that I took home to do. I'm so stressed and tired now, but seeing Kyu Jong's SS501 shirt lifted my spirit abit. Now I can go to bed with a smile on my face. Good Night! Kyu Jong, Fighting! SS501, Fighting!

Anonymous said...

@liezle ur right that's the first thing that caught my eyes after KJ. it's really cute n nice. Maybe one of the fans made that personal shirt as a gift to him. really like it! KJ ajaaja!!SS501 fighting!!

Anonymous said...

not just the shirt,.. kyu is wearing the same short with YS

Anonymous said...

Wah! SS501's sweatshirt! It has been a really tiring day for me at school today but seeing this just brought a smile to my face unexpectedly. Kyu must really miss being together with his hyungs and dongsaengs. Even his Twitter pic is SS501. SS501 hwaiting! Triple S will be waiting for a breathtaking comeback! =]

Anonymous said...

our sweet kyu, he is the one love ss501 the most!!!!
he wears the ss501 shirt practice ;
he mentions the comeback the most ;
he love his members more than himself ;
our price kyu

Anonymous said...

love SS501 THE MOST..lets just wait for their MEGA COMEBACK in the future..

Anonymous said...

I see he's wearing same slack with young saeng wear before..

sinthia said...

No for nothing he's the center of SS501. ^_^
Kyu already has shown us how much he loves and cares about the group. He is the main responsible that I keep believing someday they will comeback.

Anonymous said...

aww his romantic cute sleepy pose with Ye Seul is undeniable cute ! And he is wearing SS501 shirt ! I can tell that he's still a proud SS501 mmbers.gosh thanKyu ! and that slack ,that one is the same as Young Saeng's back i SS501 day

Anonymous said...

yup, our prince kyu always shows that he loves the group whenever the chances he has !
he is the only one member still wearing the ss501 logo clothes daily so far;
he talks about the group comeback at most of interviews he is on
kyu oa, you are true the ss501 lover, thakyu !

daydeq said...
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