Wednesday, December 07, 2011

[Vids] Hyung Jun at 'Moon Night 90' Making 12.07.11

Just before the broadcast tomorrow of 'Moon Night 90' wherein the show is featuring Park Ji Young and Kim Hyung Jun Mnet showed today the making.

For those who missed my post HERE, let me shove here what I wrote about ‘Moon Night 90s’. It is documentary drama highlighting stories of various 90′s dance singers who were the roots that sprouted the Kpop wave. With 8 episodes in total, these popular dance singers held performances at a popular club in Itaewon named “Moon Night.” The popular idols of the current generation will transform into various 1st generation dance singers.

Here's what Mnet showed today which was uploaded by omgwtfbbqloon on her YouTube channel. After the making vids, I have again uploaded the teaser that was released on 1st of December.

Teaser courtesy of .

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