Wednesday, December 07, 2011

[Pix] Adorable Duo in Double Attaction

We have been seeing the following photos from tweets and other fora for two weeks now and I am only sharing them here. Reason for it is because, it's only now that I've encountered a more complete set of photos with good quality. Much thanks to 00lanse for sharing this set of photos from on Baidu.

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng are just too cute in these photos. They can be sophisticated, cute, funny, dork and any other nice adjectives you can think of. I love the cuteness of the concept of this project.

Can you tell me which is your favorite?

YS is just as cute and cuddly like the bear.

Love this!


Anonymous said...

I love picture #17 the most. YS looks so super cute and handsome sitting on top of the bear.

Anonymous said...

I also love the one that Saengie sitting on top of the bear^^ Actually my favourite is Saengie hitting baseball with his little "pony tail" but it's not here. Really happy to see his naturally cute and very confident look here!

Tya said...

I love the one with them wearing fake mustache,Kyu with thick rimmed glasses,Saengie with that huge teddy bear xD
actually ALL of the picts is great!! :D
thanks 00lanse and Liezle^^

danz said...

suddenly i feel like i wanted to become that bear YS is hugging >.< waaaah!!! so cute! how can they be so cute and handsome at the same time..

I ♥ them dearly ^^

Anonymous said...

our kyu joong is so so handsome.
love him, he always know how to brings out the best.
that is why you are catch all the attention, our best kyu !!
love you so so much

kelly said...

I love YS with the bear, on it, beside it or hug it. I love KJ with his cool look and I love both of them communicating with each other through the cup line. I love the concept too and it is wonderful they have each other. It makes the photos very "lively".

Chara said...

I just thought: "How satisfied is he with the "always-cute-image"? Sometimes I just want to know, whether it gets on his nerves slightly... There is so much more to him than that.
As you can see in the pic where he holds the baseball bat...

Anonymous said...

Young Saeng is sooooooo kyutieeeeee! and Kyu Jong is sooooooooo hot!
I love Young Saeng and the bear =P I think Young Saeng is CUTER than the bear, i love his smileee :P!
Not much to say about Kyu Jong, as usual..he looks hot hot hot! he just keeps getting hotter and hotter everytime I see his pictures! <333

Anonymous said...

kim kyu joong is the best, he is so handsome.
how can someone be so handsome like khyjoong.

daydeq said...

wow...very2 handsome cute n adorable..our SS501 very talented model