Friday, December 16, 2011

[Notice from] Hyun Joong 2012 Fan Meeting in Seoul

I heard about this early this week and I even gave a hint at the sidebar last night. Now that the announcement is out it is really coming. Here's details of the fan meeting of Hyun Joong slated on the 21st of January in Seoul.For those planning to go, good luck to you guys on the ticket sales. It will surely be selling like hotcakes.

Shoving here announcement from that I lifted from xiaochu's post on Quainte501.


2012 KIMHYUNJOONG Fanmeeting in Seoul
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Greetings from the staff of Henecia.

We are sure that everyone has been under the cold grasp of chilling Jack Frost day after day in December.

With freezing cold felt even colder due to lower temperature than average,

we hope that everyone will take care of their health and have a warm and happy time during the upcoming holidays.

We at Keyeast have prepared ‘2012 KIMHYUNJOONG Fanmeeting in Seoul’ ,

hoping to welcome the year of 2012 with all of you fans.

We will be looking forward to your much interest in the fan meeting,

during which Hyun-Joong will put on a variety of performances including the title songs of his first and second mini album.

Thank you.

[2012 KIMHYUNJOONG Fanmeeting in Seoul

Time: January 21(Saturday), 2012, 6:00 p.m.

Place: Jamsil Indoor Stadium

Ticket price: uniform 20,000 won (including V. A. T.) for all seats

Host: Keyeast

Management: Bonboo Entertainment

Ticket pre-sales for fan club members: Dec. 20(Tuesday), 2011, 8:00 p.m.

General ticket sales: Dec. 21(Wednesday), 2011, 8:00 p.m.

Ticket agency: YES24 (

Call 1544-6399 for further ticketing information.

Please consult the homepage of Jamsil Sports Complex ( for detailed information on available public transportation.

[2012 KIMHYUNJOONG Fanmeeting in Seoul Notices]

1. If you purchase a ticket by choosing the payment method of deposit without passbook,

you should pay the exact amount of money by 23:59:59 the next day in order to complete your purchase.

If you fail to pay the amount by the deadline for any reason, your purchase will automatically be canceled.

2. You must not upload the image of your ticket in the Internet as there is a risk of it being illegally copied or used to forge a ticket.

It should be noted that the host and management company will not be accountable for any damage caused by illegal trade.

3. You are advised to use public transportation on the day of the fan meeting to avoid traffic congestion around the stadium.

4. It is important to follow the guidance and instructions of the staff (including the guards and the fan meeting staff) at the venue from the time you arrive through the beginning of the fan meeting to the end.

If you commit an inappropriate act and fail to follow an instruction after you are detected, you can be forced out of the fan meeting.

5. Use of lighters and firecrackers on the premise of the stadium will NOT be allowed according to the Fire Prevention Act.

Separate events not related to the fan meeting will NOT be allowed as they can interfere with the performance and direction.

6. No placards and banners will be allowed as they can interfere with the audience watching the performance.

7. Photographing, videotaping, and recording will NOT be allowed to promote the smooth progress of the fan meeting and protect the concerned portrait rights.

If you are caught in the middle of action, you will be immediately forced out of the fan meeting after the concerned data are deleted.

8. The host and management company will be not accountable for any confusion and accident caused by an audience member failing to fully understand the notices.

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