Sunday, December 18, 2011

Influx of Photos of Young Saeng from Madeleine

Here is a set of photos from the shutterbug of Madeliene that consists of 73 snapshots of Young Saeng as he gives his final final bow emotional on last Friday's curtain call of the musical 'Three Musketeers' at Seongnam Art Center Opera House.

Since there are just too many photos from Madeleine, I put all the photos in thumbnails. Just click to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

wow that's a lot.. thank you for sharing

etet said...

Tears are like the rain
They renew and bring new live....

Young Saeng is the son you worry about because he is sensitive and shy... Will he find his passion? Will he find himself?

I'm so proud of him! He has found his path... He has surrounded himself with the type of people who seem to care about him... He has tapped into himself to find happiness and joy...

Hip Hip Hurrah!!!!!

And to repeat another comment... We the fan are a reflection of the person we admire.... Think that says a lot about the 'person'... Great job Gals!!!!!