Sunday, December 25, 2011

[FanCams] Young Saeng @ Three Musketeers Daegu Curtain Call 12.24.11

Happy Chirstmas, everyone!

It's the day before Christmas but the musical 'Three Musketeers' still has to perform in Daegu to entertain fans of the musical. Here is the curtain call from yesterday's performance where the Three Musketeers including D'Artagnan were all wearing Santa's hat at the 7PM show and greeted all watching a 'Merry Christmas!'. I have said this again and am going to say again, Young Saeng is so cute.

Here are two videos from the two shows yesterday courtesy of the YouTube channels and . Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip.

3PM Curtain Call
courtesy of

7PM Curtain Call courtesy of

I think I read somewhere that there is going to be performances at Daegu before the year ends. I will try to verify this.

Here is a fancam of Young Saeng after the musical where he was seen going to the changing room then leaving and waving to the fans with a hoodie with lots of bling bling. Much thanks to 마이러브오공일 for sharing the vid on

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kelly said...

Yes, he is naturally cute. So cute. Merry Christmas, Liezle!