Thursday, December 22, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong Brought Home Four Yahoo Buzz Awards

Once again congratulations to Hyun Joong for bringing home 4 awards from the recently concluded 2011 Yahoo Buzz Awards. So sorry for my earlier mistake... it's 4 not 2.

With his winning, Hyun Joong is indeed a Hallyu star.


[News]Kim Hyun Joong earns four awards at the ‘Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards’
Source + Photos: Chosun
Courtesy of VITALSIGN /AllKPop

Kim Hyun Joong was honored with four trophies at the ‘2011 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards‘, proving once again that he’s the one of the leading Hallyu stars of Asia.

The awards ceremony takes in data gathered from Yahoo!’s search engine throughout the year to honor the hottest stars in Asia that were popularly searched.

Held at the Hong Kong Convention Center on the night of December 20th, Kim Hyun Joong came away with 56 million online votes, earning him the trophies of ‘Asia Top Buzz Solo Artist‘, ‘Korea Top Buzz Solo Artist‘, ‘Hong Kong Top Buzz Solo Artist‘, and ‘Taiwan Top Buzz Solo Artist‘. It was a special moment for fans, as it marked his 3rd consecutive year winning at the ceremony.

Kim Hyun Joong thanked his international fans in English upon receiving the awards. “I’d like to thank my fans for their endless love and support throughout my promotion. I hope to repay you with a better image next year.”

A Korean broadcasting official added, “Kim Hyun Joong earned great popularity with his solo promotions all year long. He’s made a name for himself not only as a singer, but also as an actor, all over Asia, and I predict that his popularity will only reach greater heights.”

Fellow K-Pop star Super Junior also came away with four awards at the same event.


Anonymous said...

Kim Hyun Joong, You really deserve it !

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see Hyun Joong with awards.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, wuri hyunjoong's becoming a uzoo star~~~ go, go higher and higher!! The fans did an excellent job for him too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an achievement! Surely reflects his popularity in Asia and how much he is loved.
Congratulations Kim Hyun Joong! You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

What an achievement indeed. That's our Leader. He's the Best.