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[Article] Kyu Jong Praises f(x) Luna

Much thanks to xiaochu for doing the translation of this article and sharing on Quainte501.

Sweet Kyu Jong has only nice words for f(x) Luna. Yay, I can't wait to see Kyu Jong in this drama, but we still have to wait for seven weekends from the start of the drama on the 17th before we finally get to see him.


[News] Kim KyuJong praises “Luna is a wonderful friend, surprised at her acting”

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Singer cum actor Kim KyuJong drew attention with his praise for girl group f(x) member Luna for being a wonderful friend.

Kim KyuJong said that “When I see Luna, I think of her as a wonderful friend” at the press conference of weekend drama ‘Saving ajumma Go BongShil’ for the newly opened channel TV Chosun, held at Hilton Resort NamHae, KyungNam, at 3pm on 7-Dec.

He said with regards to Luna, who is his partner in the drama, “We ever met before while doing musicals, prior to our filming. Her acting was very good then and I was surprised.”

He added “I look at her relaxed self on the stage, and thought ‘I couldn’t have done that when I was at that age’. I think that she will be a wonderful friend.”

“Then I knew that we will film drama together. From the view of starting (acting) together, I am working hard to create fun together (with Luna). I am thankful (to Luna) for bringing up the atmosphere during the filming.” He said, expressing his appreciation to Luna.

About his first challenge on drama, he revealed his ambition “Though I am very nervous and was stressed up about it, but I really wanted to try to act in role of Nicky who gives hope to people his age, so I felt good. I will work hard on it.”

In the drama, Kim KyuJong acts as a great nice guy Nicky, who works as manual labourer and dreams of being a musical actor.

‘Saving Ajumma Go BongShil’ talks about housewife Go BongShil (acted by Kim HaeSook) who lives a normal life growing wild flowers in a village in Namhae. With the sudden death of her husband, she fell into the brink of bankruptcy and had to move over to Itaewon in Seoul to begin ‘Act 2 of Her Life’. The drama about this beautiful life turnaround story will have its first broadcast on 17-Dec at 7.50pm.

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sinthia said...

Luna is to fx as Kyu is to SS501. She is very kind, friendly and very easygoing. It's impossible someone don't like her. xb
I'm not surprised that they get along.^-^