Monday, December 26, 2011

[FanCam & Tweet Trans] Kyu Jong @ Goong in Tokyo Curtain Call 12.25.11

For two consecutive days Kyu Jong performed at the musical 'Goong' in Tokyo. Here is a fancam from HeStory shared on the fanclub's official YouTube channel .

Tomorrow is rest day for Kyu Jong. After tomorrow, he will be performing everyday until the 3oth of December.

Before I end this post, let me share here Kyu Jong's tweet at a dinner get together after the show ended. Here is translation of Kyu Jong's tweet courtesy of @KaHye95. Thanks!

2kjdream : Merry Christmas!! After a great performance it's time that we have a goong Christmas!!^^ Thank you very much to everyone that came for the performance~~

Kyu Jong also tweeted this after he tweeted the Christmas Goong dinner.

2kjdream Chrismas Christmas goong~ry christmas^^ laughters woohahaha!!~~


Tya said...

It's great seeing him had a good time with the musical casts^^
but i wonder,,why he use eyeliner like that for his musical??first time i saw it i thought he had eyebags,the eyeliner is too thick >_<

wilda said...

that hoodie,..^^
remain me of Love Like This promotions,..
all of them have it,...