Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[Trans] Young Saeng's Message on his Webby

Much thanks to xiaochu for the translation shared once again on Quiante501. I saw the message earlier before I left and do some shopping and was hoping see translation when I get home...and I did find the trans. Really thanks.

It seems that it's been a long time since the last we have read something this long from Young Saeng. From the way he composed his message, he seemed to have mature. But still you could read some cute Young Saeng injected here and there.

Glad that Young Saeng had shared his thoughts. It's so obvious that he's so happy and proud of his experience in the musical. Like any other neophyte actors, he was a worrywart. But like what we all have observed he became more at ease, happy and contented. And like most of us suspected the people around him, especially the actors and actresses have been very supportive to him.

Young Saeng I believe really found happiness in acting via musical. I hope that more project like this will come his way. But for now, I wish for another album, fan meeting and hopefully a TV drama. ^^


[Trans] YoungSaeng ‘Completed Three Musketeers...’

Credits : young-saeng.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


The weather really became winter-like weather before we knew it..
At such a time, must take care of your health so that you won’t fall sick!!
Wear warm clothes.. and remember to take health-food!!! (Only imply to elderly people!keke)
I am also already in my mid-late twenties before I knew it..
If I don’t take health-food.. my body will start to get restless..kekekekekekekeke (Oh my...- - ;;)

If I run around while doing Three Musketeers.. Health-food (is necessary).......kekekeke

Musical Three Musketeers which you've talked a lot about and and worry a lot...
Frankly speaking , I also.. worry a lot... about the musical..
At this point of time, it’s not an album but a musical...;;
However.. now, be it you or me.. I believe that we have the same thoughts now...
That I’ve done well for the musical Three Musketeers..^^

Above all.. the best part about it is.. having a whole new experience..
And also, it is like a self-development for me...

While practicing, I have a lot of worries on various things.. what should I do if I forget my lines.. what should I do if I can’t sing..
What should I do if I get scolded because can’t act... I have a lot of worries on various things..

But.. really.. I think it is difficult to find worthy people among the actors/actresses who has done Three Musketeers together..
Because everyone really did well.. so I was able to do it even more comfortably.. I think I learnt a lot...

The role of d’Artagnan.. I did my best in immersing maximum into the role...
While doing my last performance.. I felt it... That I’ve fell into this musical.. I’ve enjoyed it...
I was overwhelmed with emotions.. even at the end of it.. it’s not as though I’ve made an achievement...
I cried when I think of.. now, it’s farewell to all the actors/actresses.. and the musical Three Musketeers..

The last word.. “Thank You..” which I said unknowingly..
I think it is a word that really came from d’Artagnan’s heart...
And.. I am very thankful to fans who have always supported.. and watched without ever missing...!!

Really.. it is a musical that lets me have the thinking that.. even though we are growing older... we can still become pure..

It is a really enjoyable musical.. a musical that enlightens me... a musical that lets me meet with good actors/actresses...
A musical that I cannot forget... Three Musketeers!!!

Thank you...^^

But...!! There is still Daegu (performance) to go!!!!kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke


kelly said...

Liezle, you sure wish for quite a number of things. I am wishing for his album to be on time. I am wishing for his own compositions. I like the lyrics he write and hope to hear more of them.

I am happy that he is happy. I cannot help smiling each time I see his curtain call. How did I ever get so affected? I wonder.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the fast translation
we can see that Young Saeng really enjoyed the music and I'm happy for him.. hoping for more musical offers

btw, does any understand Japanese? can anybody pls translate this:

it's about the musical and I can see date of march.. I want to know what is this

Is it true that the musical will have a DVD? if yes when?

liezle said...

Hello kelly!

Oh yeah, because I know that Young Saeng has a lot more to show us. He's just starting to bloom. He's more confident now after the musical.

Btw, I've to confess that I was one of those who thought that his acting in the DVD with Kyu Jong that was filmed in the Philippines was so awkward. But, I remember writing that given more time, Young Saeng can be a good one. And he didn't disappoint us. B2M gave him a good acting teacher and YS i think is a good student which is why we saw a good D'Artagnan on stage.


kelly said...

Liezle, talking about that DVD, I only remember the scene when the slippers were one time on his feet and another time not on his feet. Then I was wondering what a Director this DVD has... hahaha!

You need not confess as I personally think that he has limited roles due to his cuteness. And his cuteness is something I love. So ironical :)

kelly said...

@9.19pm, seems that the three musketeers will be performed in Incheon on 9 and 10 Mar 2012. But the cast is not confirmed. So do not know if Young Saeng will be in it.

liezle said...

Hello 9:19!

The article is saying that there is going to be a play on March 9 and 10 at Incheon (???) Art Hall Details will be announced later.

P.S. When I googled this word イチョン it says Icheon. I check if there's a place called Icheon but I always get Incheon so I am assuming it's Incheon.

Hope someone can verify this.

Anonymous said...

passing by and saw you ladies discussing about Incheon-Icheon

yes there is a city called Icheon in Gyunggi South Korea, not too far from Seoul ^^ I think there's a subway station with this name too...

sinthia said...

Sooooooooooo happy that he finished it very satisfied with his performance!! ^^
I have to say I always thought he was the only member who never could act(sorry if I'm being too harsh on him xb) but in the end he proved he could do it, he really surprised me with such a good acting!
Hope to see him getting a chance to do many others from now on.
Saengie fighting!!

Anonymous said...

actually, somehow expecting the opposite one is good.. I mean what if you expect young sang to be a good actor but it turns out that he's not.. of course, you will feel disappointed.. at least he proves that he is also a good actor too.. actually, this only prove that every SS501 members can do everything as a artist