Thursday, December 22, 2011

[Vid] Hyun Joong Back in Korea 12.21.11

I am so late in posting this. I was out practically the whole day and just got home. Since Monday I have already been to more than 10 Christmas parties. ^^ Whew... so much food and fun for the past few days.

Anyway, as everyone already knows right after the 2011 Yahoo Buzz Awards in Hong Kong, Hyun Joong went straight to the airport to go back to Korea. He came back at around 7AM yesterday morning.

Here is a video taken by the shutterbug of which was posted on their official YT channel . Much thanks.

Btw, sorry about my error last night and thanks for everyone who corrected me. Hyun Joong got 4 awards from Yahoo Buzz Awards not 2


Anonymous said...

Always busy schedule.
Hyun Joong sh, please take a rest.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Hyun Joong. Every freaking time in the public, those damn camera or cell phone in his face. Can this man or any other K-entertain can have a normal life? go places without being mobbed? If they have time to stalking their idols...go help out needy people!

Anonymous said...

Prince Hyunjoong....looking just a perfect prince..can't think of other words than that.
Take a good rest and sound sleep!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9.57am

Exactly, it's my exact same thoughtts as well... no choice, celebrities (especially korean celebrities) live lives like that...

you dont really see Taiwan celebrities or any other country celebrities being shot on camera all the time.. they dont really hv such thing called fancameras...then uploaded onto internet.. they dont..
only for Korea's entertainmt circle has such a 'culture'.......