Thursday, December 22, 2011

[Trans] Hyun Joong's Message on his KOB 12.22.11

When I was checking Twitter when I was out I saw Hyun Joong's message. I was so excited to read translation but had been really really busy in late afternoon all throughout the night that I wasn't able to post the translation that I read from wonderrrgirl's blog.

Now that it's morning and in a few hours the sun will shine, I already have the time to post Hyun Joong's message. So, here's translation.


[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong’s 15th message on Koran Official Board
Source: KOB
Translation: Wonderrrgirl @

Hello^^~~ Good Morning keke
Two hours ago I woke up, ate ramen, put them away, washed up and just like this I came on here to greet everyone.

I got through this week in a hectic manner therefore it seems like I slept soundly. From the Japan Music video volume 2, Photoshoot for jacket (cover of the album) to the end end-of-year performances…… It’s not far-fetched to say that I really live through this week with my two eyes wide open and awake. ^^;;;;;; keke

Anyway I went to Hongkong yesterday and received four awards, therefore my fatigue vanished as well, thank you very much (–)(___)(–)kekeke

However I “kekeke” <– this… it doesn’t mean anything special, don’t misunderstand, it is also not some silly laugher, just a habit of mine.. when I write a sentence and type this, I sometimes write this at times when it is not suitable which caused a lot of misunderstandings keke.. ah!! Once again it came out like a habit.. keke.. ah again… _____;;

Now that I have received the present from everyone. During the end-of-year events, I will now go and prepare in order to bring for everyone a shocking performance.^^

During end-of-year performances, I will show everyone a handsome stage as an eye-feast for everyone ^^

It has become colder now, and even though it is empty at the side of my body… do live happily

Merry Christmas ^^ Happy New Year

When I returned to Korea I heard the song ‘Closer’ by Kim Yeon Woo-nim, and I really like it, so from this morning I’ve been listening to it continuously ^^

I hope everyone will go and try listening it too..

For a long time and right now, thank you for loving me ^^

I hope everyone will live the last month of the year lively and meaningfully.


Hyun Joong seems so re-charged after getting some sleep. He's been working non stop in in order to give us all wonderful presents and performances. I wonder if Hyun Joong will ever have some free time this holiday season. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

the "kekeke" somehow reminds me of wuri Heo'tagnan

kekeke :)

Anonymous said...

this is our leader ^^

Anonymous said...

Love you always hyun joong, our dear prince....

Anonymous said...

Baby I love you.