Monday, December 05, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng @ Three Musketeers Curtain Call 12.04.11

Young Saeng had another performance yesterday at the musical play 'Three Musketeers'. Here are wonderful snapshots shared by yunhyun of that I lifted from the post of 00lanse in Baidu.

Young Saeng is so charming as D'Artagnan. I really wish that someday I could go and see him on stage.

Young Saeng first appeared in the musical on the 15th of November. After the performance on the 4th of December, there are only five performances left (December 9, 10, 11,13 & 16) for Young Saeng at Seongnam Art Center Opera House. Then the musical will have its final stage on the 18th at the same venue. But on the 23rd and 24th of December at Daegu, Young Saeng will again be on stage.

I remember earlier that Young Saeng was really hesitant to do this musical. But from his tweets on the 18th of November, he mentioned that he's kind of sad that his only performing 14 stages (but it's actually 17). For someone who's not confident to do this earlier, Young Saeng had a change of heart. Probably because of the support and praises he has gotten from friends and colleagues plus the fact the it's pretty obvious that he's so happy doing the musical he became so so attached to the musical.

I really hope that Young Saeng found already what he likes to do best aside from being an idol signer. I hope that after 'Three Musketeers' there will more offers to come his way and that he'll make a name for himself as a musical actor.


Chara said...


100%, no 501% agreed on what you wrote in your post. That's exactly what I think too, would be a really good way for him... After being an Idol singer, YoungSaeng, make yourself a name as musical artist... ^^

We'll love u till the end. Right, my Pea Princesses? And my YES-cakes? ^^

Anonymous said...

So proud of YongSeang. I think he has finally found something he loves outside of being an idol, and it's so good to see him this happy. You can't be an idol forever, and I'm loving how slowly these men are coming out of their idol image and becoming true artists.
YongSeang, you deserve it so much, that voice should be heard by everyone and praised for it's worth. I hope you take on more musicals and become a well known musical actor. I can only wish the best for you :D
We pretty peas will be behind you!

Anonymous said...

I hope you can be as popular and as recognized as you deserve to me. Seangie! so proud!

Chara said...

Who said you cn't be an Idol forever? ^^ Of course it's possible. Look at the Beatles, ABBA etc... It seems it's just not possible in Korea where age restriction is going to tear apart your place as an Idol... Isn't that sad?

THAT's why YS has to be on a look for something else, after being an outdated Idol in Korea. Let's hope it won't be the case so soon.

Anonymous said...

Good job oppa...
I hope your step in the future will be great too ^^

kelly said...

One can indeed be someone's idol forever. Idol is not differentiated by age, sex, or whatever.

I am happy that he enjoys what he is doing. He wants to make a name for himself and though slowly, he will make it. For he is loved by his friends, colleagues and people he work with who embrace him wholeheartedly. And of course all the pretty peas and YESians.

I am amazed by how much I adore this guy. It just grow and grow, no ending yet :)

Anonymous said...

i am so happy for him to see that he gained confidence in doing musical. i at first as also afraid for him in doing this musical but he proved that he can do it with lots of practice and determination.. :

so so proud of him. :D

i also like it that there are pictures for his every performance.. ^^