Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Very Short Preview of Kyu Jong in Strong Heart

Strong Heart in which Kyu Jong will be one of the guests will be aired next Tuesday, January 3, 2012. Here is a very very short preview for that episode. Much thanks to for sharing this on her YouTube channel.

Yay, I am so excited to see this.


Anonymous said...

i'm excited!!
kya!! finally he's meeting the one and only Oh Sejung!!!
Kyu i'm happy for you!! he looks like a kid there smiling :)) he is just so sweet~
i agree with the girl at the end of the vid asking them to date XDD
can't wait to watch!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't wait to watch the video too. Agreed with @6:15pm that he looks like a kid there smiling so sweetly. Everyone there are happy that they hugged. I am really anticipating the video even if I don't understand a word of korean.

Tya said...

He met Oh Se Jung?!!kyaaaaaa so happyyyy!!! XD
all those time he mentioned her name in interview finally paid!!thank you Strong Heart for helping him meeting his ideal girl :D
they hugged!!!Kyuu must be so happy ^o^
can't wait to watch :D

Anonymous said...

wow finally kyu jong meets se jung~ i cant wait till this episode comes out ^____^