Thursday, December 29, 2011

[FanCam & Pix] Hyung Jun @ Gimpo Airport 12.29.11

It is KiBum's birthday today and he is celebrating it in Japan. Since he is far away from home, older brother Hyung Jun went to Japan together with their mother to celebrate Kibum's special day.

At Gimpo Airport to see off mother and son is Hyung Jun's fanclub Prettyboy. Here is a video posted on the fanclub's official YouTube channel PRETTYBOYJUN2 and a set of photos shared on Prettyboy's website.

From the following photos you can see that Hyung Jun is looking tired and that he lost. It's probably due to filming. Poor boy. T_T


hyunited6686 said...

oopsie Liezle, lil' typo on the name in the title..

liezle said...

hyunited6686, sorry sorry for the mistake. darn! being so reckless with my fingers.


hyunited6686 said...

LOL.. it's OK, too much update from the boys lately, surely they busy (and doing great) with their solo activity.. and thank you for keeping us the updated ^^