Thursday, December 22, 2011

[Pix] Jung Min @ 2011 Christmas Special in Tokyo 12.21.11

Last night Jung Min's 1st leg of 2011 Christmas Special was held in Shinigawa, Tokyo. Jung Min's leading lady , Sakai Miki, in the short drama 'August Love Song' was at the event.

Here are some photos of Jung Min who's looking handsome and wearing 4 layers of clothing last night taken at the event that I lifted from the post of 지금갑니다 on

In the Tokyo venue, media and fans did not fail to see the flowers that Hyung Jun sent to Jung Min. Here's the photo of the flowers .


Anonymous said...

Yay Tom and Jerry! Have I mentioned how much I love these two and their support for each other? Truly they are brothers at heart.
Also Baby wrote SS501 Kim Hyung Jun!!! =]
This made my day.

sinthia said...

why so many clothes? õ.O
whatever, he's looking gorgeous anyway. ^^
I feel so happy every time they show their support towards each's amazing!MinJun 4ever!<3

Chara said...

Must have been cold...? ^^