Tuesday, December 06, 2011

[Vid] Sexy Hyung Jun Performance of 'Girl' in Yokohama 11.25.11

Find out from this video how Hyung Jun performed 'Girl' at the 'Lie To Me' OST Concert in Yokohama last November 25. Much thanks to for uploading this on YouTube.

Wow, Hyung Jun is so hot and sexy in his performance of 'Girl' (Space Cowboy version). I just love it!

Btw, love seeing the sea of green lights. ^^


kj_neth05 said...

At first, when I saw him got thin I said to myself: he's too thin already, he should stop dieting. OH MY GOD! when I saw this HE LOOKS REALLY GOOD! His muscles in his arms got defined*drools*...I wonder what his abs looks like now, hehe!*imagination gone too far* Maybe he's gonna show us when he's ready. LooVVVe IT!:)

sinthia said...

This was totally daebak!!!!!
Loved this performance sooooo much. Everyone is enjoying it! Specially him!^^
Hope he keeps this style to his next album. I was missing to see his lively side.
btw... he's looking very hot!*-*

Anonymous said...

uri maknae has grown up...^^
Kim Hyung Jun sexy,..

Tya said...


Chara said...

Wow, when did he build up that pack of muscles again? Looks good!

But I actually love the "normal" Girl Version better.^^

Nevertheless, great performance, candy for the eyes!

Anonymous said...

WOAHS HOT performance by Baby Jun<3!! haha I love how the concert is FLOODED with TRIPLES!