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[Article] Jung Min's Charisma at HK FM

Geez, had I read this ahead before my very brief fan account I would have not done mine. ^_^

Anways, thanks to Slam again for doing the translation on her blog. Reading this article brings bank the happy times at the FM and how Jung Min affected me much again. Oh dear... *wink* @_@


[Trans] Park Jung Min Smile While Driving Fans Away By OrientalDaily News
Source: Oriental Daily News
Chinese ~ English Trans:

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Korea Idol group SS501 member, Park Jung Min held his fanmeeting last Saturday in Hong Kong. In addition to playing games which he resorted to all kinds of tricks, with his tremendous improvement in his Chinese, he really knows how to smile telling them :「回家!」(GO HOME!) driving fans away.

More than a year ago, Jung Min came to Hong Kong together with SS501 for performance, he held his solo fanmeeting last Saturday in Kowloon which attracted more than 600 fans who attended to support him. His opening song is a ballad "IF YOU CANNOT", and he even used Cantonese to introduce himself which made the atmosphere very high.

Singing Chinese Song

The one and half hour fanmeeting, Park Jung Min not only sang "Tears of Happiness", he also sang other songs from his album. Thru internet knowing what the Hong Kong fans wanted, he sang the Chinese song by Guang Liang called 《童話》 (Fairytale). He even used Chinese asking fans to teach him to how to speak Cantonese, mistakenly said 「教我 jiao wo」(Teach Me) pronouncing as 「找我 zhao wo」(Find Me). Some indonesia fans even teached him to say "I LOVE YOU" in Bahasa Indonesia.

With his improved fluency in Mandarin, Park Jung Min invited fans up the stage for some games, when seeing 1 of his fans who cant keep up with the dance steps in his song "NOT ALONE", he started using Mandarin to say that:「她不是我的粉絲,回家!」(She is not my fan, GO HOME!), another time during 1 of the game, he also urge fans:「快點!我們沒時間!」(Hurry, We do not have time!). Regarding the multiple choice questions seeing some fans peeping at answers, he humourously said them: 「不要偷看!」(Do not peep!)
Cloned to satisfy fans
Aware of how to make fans happy, while playing games, Park Jung Min not only hug fans, he also interwined his fingers with fans looking at each other eyes deeply, holding hands singing a song and also the princess style hug when taking photo togther making it tough for him to carry.

On the 3rd of the current month is Park Jung Min 24 years old birthday, the fans gave him a birthday cake and everyone sang him a birthday song in korean making him touched. He said he hope to clone 100 of himself in order to be together with the Hong Kong fans.

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lol omg i want a Jung Min clone!!! XD
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