Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Pix] Kyu Jong for Musical "Goong" Poster

Much thanks to Marvie for shoving these here.

I saw the first photos yesterday but actually didn't post it because I thought that it was just some fan art. Since, I've seen this in some other blogs and says that it's official, will have the pix posted then. Thanks again Marvie!

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Anonymous said...

he's very charismatic!

Anonymous said...

i fervently pray that Kyu's first musicl woulb be daebak!

Kyu, enjoy and take care of your health!

Anonymous said...

he's incredibly handsome! really a fairytale Prince Charming come to life! ^_^
Kyu Jong fighting! musical "Goong" daebak!

Anonymous said...

The gentle and kind kyu jong and handsome too.Dont be nervous and just be cool projecting as the prince.You can do it.We believe in you.